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Gearing up For Internet Dating
Gearing up For Internet Dating
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So maybe you have heard your friends or family talk about dating on the internet, and you have been dating out in the real world for some time now, and have yet to find that special someone whom you are in search for. So you are going to give internet dating a shot. But before you can do that, there is some gear, also known as hardware and software that you are going to need to be able to successfully find that special someone on the internet.

Hardware Needed for Internet Dating

A Computer, Cords, Mouse, Keyboard

These are essential. It really doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have for online dating. You can have a desktop, a laptop, Windows or Mac, as long as it is less than 4 years old, then it should be more than efficient to get the job done with what we are trying to do.If you have an ancient computer that is running something like windows millenium, you can see how it handles surfing the web and loading pictures, but in my opinion you should invest in a newer computer.


A Internet Connection

When you are calling around to set-up the internet so you can start dating online, my advice would be to stay away from dial up. You are going to want a high speed internet access when online dating for many reasons. For one you are going to be browsing through a lot of profile pictures. Pictures take time to load, and if you are browsing photos using a dial up connection you are going to be there all day. Not only that, if the dating site that you sign up for offers a video chat, it’s going to be nearly impossible to take part in with a dial up connection. So with that being said, get high speed internet access.


Web Camera

Web cams can be extremely helpful in getting to know someone when online dating. It gives you the ability to do video chats, so you can get a better feel for the person before you actually meet them in person. Though web cams are not absolutely essential to become a successful online dater, they do give you more state of the art opportunities to get to know your match better.


Software Needed for Internet Dating

Most of the software that is going to be needed for online dating is embedded in the dating site. One thing that you are going to need though is an email address. You can easily get an email address from AOL.com or Yahoo.com. Of course there are many more places that you can get a free email address from, these are just a few that I use and IMO are less hassle than other email providers that are out there.

Another piece of software you may want to get is an instant messenger. Just like an email address instant messengers are usually free also. Some of the free ones that are out there are Skype and AOL’s instant messenger.

Although most online dating sites will already have these features and types of software built into the site. So really the most important gear that you will need for internet dating is going to be the hardware that is mentioned above.

Some optional software you could have to make your online dating journey more successful would be a type of photo editing software. This way you can crop photos, add light, balance colors, and basically make your photos look more appealing and professional to the users that are browsing your photos.

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